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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Hey, Molly, what was in your bag?
A foot, you see,
From my father's leg.
I cut it off last light,
when he was playing the deck.

Hey, Molly, where was the foot?
In the yard, you see,
under the big old tree.
I burried it last night,
with the rest of the toes.

Hey, Molly, how is your father?
Dead, you see,
he bleeded to much.
I cooked his other leg,
and kept it in my lunch box.

Hey, Molly, who ate the lunch?
My mother, you see,
she was very hungry.
But I was hungry too,
so I drank all of her brain.

Hey, Molly, how do you feel now?
Fine, you see,

I was bloated for a while.
Now both of my parents are dead,

I will eat my sister tonight.

I was intrested by a poem "Who killed Cock Robin", and I tried to write a poem similer to its rhym. Here is how "Hey Molly" came. I know it is gross, but do not misunderstand that I like flesh-eating stories. It was simpily because I challanged myself to write something I never try before. Just read this poem as a none-sence freaky tale. ^^

Posted at 09:15 am by guermeow
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